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Recieved date: 2020-10-12

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About us: Sanit Wing is an Avocado farming and processing company that produces into pure Avocado oil, Avocado hair cream, Avocado Vaseline, and avocado soap. We have also invested in avocado farming as our future sustainability strategy targeting over 20,000 farmers with over 3Million new avocado trees by 20 25. The company has won several Awards in the past three years in Rwanda, Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria. It was also Awarded as Younger entrepreneur of the year 2017 in Rwanda by Rwanda Development Board. The company has 16 Permanent works who give in their best to reach our vision of being the leading producers of best quality avocado and its Biproducts in Africa. We target to uplift avocado farming into a commercially viable sector with a holistic approach. We have partners from different countries; Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, USA-Austin Texas, Benin, and Germany. We envision to build Sanit Wing into a global community of both Avocado farmers, Natural and organic Cosmetic consumers, Healthy oil and avocado lovers, and impact investors. For more, you may watch the video here:

Who should be our partners: The partner (s) we are seeking should fall under the stated categories of Brand Ambassador or Investor. Whoever if an individual or an organization sees the value that could uplift or bring to us is very welcome as well. However, we prefer that the partnership should be two way (Win-win) where we a s Sanit Wing should draw value as well as our partner. Preferably from these countries: UK, Germany, Belgium, UAE, Qatar, and Egypt. But still are welcome countries are welcome

More about our request: As long as you believe in what we can do together. You are the right individual or company to work with Sanit Wing.